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Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 Open Box
Upsampling Network Music Player

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Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

Stream Magic 6 is a fully featured upsampling network music player designed to deliver digitally stored music to your hi-fi in the highest quality.

Easy to set up and operate wirelessly, it dramatically enhances digital music files stored on computers, network drives and pretty much any gadget with a digital audio out connection. It will also allow you to discover the world of internet radio; a rich resource containing an incredible 20,000+ stations, with something for everyone guaranteed!

Controlling Stream Magic 6 is a breeze either from the front panel, supplied remote, or best of all using your choice of free Stream Magic remote app for iPhone, iPad or Android.

Thanks to its UPnP (Universal Plug 'n' Play) audio streaming compatibility, Stream Magic 6 is simple to use, uncomplicated to set up and has no tricky software to master.

And by linking the optional plug-and-play BT100 wireless audio receiver to your Stream Magic 6, you can also stream music wirelessly from your Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth.

Despite its operational simplicity, Stream Magic 6 has numerous functions both as a network music player and digital music enhancement hub. Here, we'll explain its vast capabilities and you can learn more from our Stream Magic 6 videos too...

Upsampling technology explained
Stream Magic 6 uses our ingenious upsampling technology, to dramatically enhance every music file it processes. So regardless of whether Stream Magic 6 is being used to process network music or internet radio, or it's being used with a connected source component - Mac, PCs, games console, Apple TV etc - Stream Magic 6 will maximise all audio signals that pass though its advanced circuits, bringing your digitally stored music to life in a way you’ve never heard before.

Network music enhancement
At the heart of Stream Magic 6's repertoire, is its ability to find and play music across your home network, enabling music stored on UPnP-equipped computers and drives to be transformed through your hi-fi system. This is the most elegant way of sharing digital music content with Stream Magic 6. Setting up your home network and Stream Magic 6 to work in harmony is really easy as nearly all current computers and network drives are designed to support the UPnP standard.

Internet radio
Stream Magic 6 simplifies the process of navigating the world of Internet radio with a 20,000 tried-and-tested roster of stations from around the planet which are searchable by title, genre and region.

All your favourite stations and preferences can be managed using our Stream Magic Home portal and from here, you can also suggest new stations which we'll validate and then add for other Stream Magic 6 customers to enjoy.

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