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conrad-johnson TEA1 S2
conrad-johnson TEA1 S2 Ultra Premium Phono Preamplifier

Price: $15,000.00 / Each

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  TEA1 S2 or TEA1 S2B - The TEA1 S2 provides a total of 66dB of gain.
The TEA1 S2B provides 54dB of gain.  
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TEA1 Series 2 Phono Preamplifier

Everyonce in a while we hear something that we think is the best in the world.  The  TEA1 S2 Phono preamp is added to this august company.,

The TEA1s2 features a zero loop feedback circuit with passive RIAA equalization. It offers two phono inputs, one with switch selectable resistive and capacitive loading allowing the user to fine-tune performance to the chosen phono cartridge. The other input is fitted with premium wide-bandwidth audio transformers installed on the PHONO 1 input to provide the higher gain and very low noise required by low output moving coil cartridges. Designed to precisely track the prescribed RIAA equalization curve, the TEA-1s2 assures absolute tonal accuracy. The low-gain audio circuit of the TEA-1s2 is comprised of two cascaded single-ended triode amplifiers. The circuit is a zero-feedback design, to eliminate the temporal inaccuracies that negative feedback introduces. RIAA equalization is established by a passive network between the two gain stages. Careful implementation of this fundamentally simple circuit results in extremely wide bandwidth and low distortion, without resorting to negative feedback.

The ideal dc power supply circuit is simply a zero impedance path to ground.
Any deviation from this ideal is fully reflected in the audio circuits. Thus the power supplies are as important to audio performance as the audio circuits and must be accorded equal attention in design. In the TEA-1s2, each stage has its own discrete regulated DC power supply. These power supplies have been carefully designed for minimum impedance, even at the highest audio frequencies, to prevent the power supplies from degrading music reproduction.

The TEA1s2 is optionally available as the TEA1s2b with the step-up transformers deleted. This version of the TEA1s2 has two direct inputs, one with variable loading and one with fixed loading.

cj's creed that the full potential of any circuit design can only be realized if executed with the highest quality parts in clearly evident in the TEA1 s2.

The audio circuits of the TEA-1s2 use only conrad-johnson’s proprietary Teflon capacitors. In the power supplies, all capacitors are polypropylene or Teflon – there are no electrolytic capacitors anywhere in the audio circuits or their dc power supplies. The audio circuits and related power supplies both use high-precision laser trimmed metal-foil resistors, designed for ultra-low inductance. All parts in the RIAA compensation network are 1% tolerance, to assure precise tracking of the RIAA curve. Input and output connectors are gold-plated, machined oxygen free copper. Even the hookup wiring has been carefully selected for optimal audio performance. Thoughtful engineering, specification of the finest available component parts, and painstaking care taken in production make the TEA-1s2 a phono equalization preamplifier without peer in music reproduction.


peformance specifications measured at 1 kHz

Gain: TEA1s2
  • Low Gain Input – 54 dB
  • High Gain Input – 66 dB

Gain: TEA1s2b
  • Both Inputs – 54 dB

Overload TEA1s2
  • Low Gain – 50 mV
  • High Gain – 12 mV

Overload TEA1s2b
  • Both Inputs – 50 mV

Hum and Noise
  • Direct Inputs – 80 dB below 10 mV input
  • High Gain (TEA1s2 only) 72 dB below 1 mV input
  • phase correct
Input Impedance TEA1s2
  • Low Gain Input variable, 130 Ohms – 47 kOhms
  • High Gain Input 420 Ohms Input Impedance
Input Impedance TEA1s2b
  • Variable Load Input 130 Ohms – 47 kOhms
  • Fixed Load Input 47 kOhms
Ouput Impedance
  • below 200 ohms
  • 15.5″D x 19″W x 3.315″H
Net Weight
  • 23 lbs.

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