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Jolida JD-5T Upgraded
Tube Remote Control Preamplifier Upgraded

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Jolida - JD-5T - Upgraded Stereo Tubed Preamplifier

Our customers have requested remote controls for our older manual amplifiers or other manual amplifiers. What to do? So we built a control box. Not only can you control the volume of the amp, but the JD5T can be used as a preamplifier with 10db of gain, There is remote on/off, mute, and standby, plus two AC receptacles, and two outputs which now make hooking to a subwoofer or bi-amping an easy procedure. With a low profile and a full body you can put another component or amplifier right on top, no need to use another shelf.

Upgraded version adds:

  • Hexfred Diodes
  • ESA Clarity Caps
  • Gold Pin Tung Sol 12AX7s

Construction Details and Features:

  • Multiple Inputs: Tuner, DVD, CD and Aux. (for Tuner, TV, VCR, DVD or Computer).
  • Remote Control has four functions: Standby, V+,V-, and Mute.
  • Two RCA Outputs
  • Two AC output receptacles that will be cut off when standby.
  • State of the Art Components: High quality audio potentiometer, gold plated RCA input jacks.
  • Low profile full body allows the unit to act as a base for your amplifier or turntable. No need to lose another shelf for a component.

Technical Specifications:
Max Output voltage:  28 V
Voltage Gain:  10 dB
Frequency Response:  10Hz 70KHz, (+/- 1 dB)
SNR:  > 100 dB
Distortion THD:  Less than .02%
Input Impedance:  100Kohms
Output Impedance:  600ohms
Tube Complement:  2 pcs. 12AX7
Size:  17in.(W) x 13in.(D) x 2in.(H)
Weight:  16 lbs., 18lbs. Boxed
Warranty:  One year parts or labor, 6 months on tubes

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