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Cambridge Audio Minx S322v2
Minx S322v2 speaker system

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Cambridge Audio S322v2 Minx Satellite Subwoofer Systerm

The S322 system features 2 Min21 speakers and the X300 subwoofer.

Until now, there’s been a stark choice of opting for great sounding but relatively large speakers or choosing a stylish mini speaker system that looks the part, but fails to stir your soul when the music starts.

But now thanks to Minx, for the very first time, you can experience extraordinary levels of power and refinement from staggeringly small speakers. Minx brings all your favourite music, movies, sports and TV shows to life in a way you’d never imagine.

Such advances are made possible by fundamental developments in acoustic science enabling Minx to deliver a quality and depth of sound which has previously been the preserve of much larger speakers.

Created at Cambridge Audio’s Research and Development Centre in London by a team fuelled with a passion for incredible sound, Minx completely rewrites the rulebook of what’s possible from miniature speakers...

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