Music Hall MMF-7.1 Open Box
High End Turntable with Cartridge

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Music Hall MMF-7.1 Turntable

The Music Hall MMF-7.1turntable is 2-speed belt-driven, audiophile quality turntable with many unique features. It is constructed using a split-plinth design and features an external motor. The MMF-7.1 comes in a high gloss, black piano lacquer finish.

The plinth has three adjustable spiked feet and comes with a set of small discs (cups). The discs prevent marking of the surface of the supporting shelf. A spirit level is incorporated on the top platform.
The two platforms of the plinth are separated by four Sorbothane hemispheres, which act as a suspension and isolation system. External phono sockets are attached to the bottom platform. A high quality interconnect is supplied.

The motor is 12 volt AC and comes with an external power supply.
The motor rests in a cutout on the front, left quadrant of the turntable. It is completely isolated from the table and sports a blue LED.
Placing the motor diagonally opposite the arm reduces any vibrations caused by the belt from entering into the cartridge. Any vibrations would be absorbed along the length of the arm thus bypassing the stylus (The stylus moves from left to right, not front to back).

The belt runs round the perimeter of the acrylic platter. Acrylic was chosen for it's superior sound quality and isolation properties. A screw-on record clamp and felt mat are supplied as standard.

The big improvement on the 7.1 is the inclusion of the carbon fiber are that adorned the previous top of the line MMF9.  The difference is palpable.

The MMF-7.1 comes standard with Goldring 2400 Cartridge.

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