About us:

We seek to offer the best values in high performance audio products for music and home theater. These categories can be fairly distinctly divided between products focused on features and those focused, much more importantly, on the quality of the picture and the sound. We distinctly choose to represent the latter. We also endeavor to locate extremely high-value items and purchase them in large quantities. This often results in greater discounts that we can pass along to our customers.  Further, we believe we are able to offer advice on how to optimize your purchase value and the performance of your system.  We have a far greater than superficial understanding on how to maximize performance.

Our company has been in continuous operation since it was founded by Ralph Spear and Gene Ritvo in 1988. As a “brick and mortar” dealer, we were the largest independent high-end audio store in New England for over twenty years, earning numerous “Dealer of the Year” awards from many of our industry’s most prestigious manufacturers.  Today we celebrate ten years of leading the way in the retailing of high quality audio products on the Internet.  We will continue to offer high performance audio components and great value along with unusually proficient after the sale service.

In a nutshell we offer:
• High performance products.
• The increasingly rare ability to explain how to maximize your system’s performance.
• Unsurpassed value.
• Top flight customer service.

Our Staff:

Ralph Spear (ralphspear@spearitsound.com) Ralph has been involved in the audio industry since 1973.  He has extensive experience in sales and management. Ralph has also been a member of ownership in retail, manufacturing, and distribution.  He endeavors to emphasize efficiency in operations as well as the quality and value of our offerings.  Ralph has a special ability to find products that offer exceptional performance and the expertise to communicate these finds to our customers. 

Dick Moulding (rmoulding@spearitsound.com) Dick is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  Dick’s interest in audio started at an early age although he did not build his first Heathkit until he was 22. Prior to working for Spearit Sound, Dick worked for various radio stations and as an organizer for The Union Stereo Coop at the University of Massachusetts.  Dick also owned Sound & Music in Northampton MA, one of the first high-end dealerships in Western Massachusetts.  He oversaw the local introduction of many of the industry changing products and trends of the last 35 years. Dick’s experience in audio combined with his terrific communication skills gives him remarkable ability to communicate the performance and benefits of the equipment we sell. 

Dick is a performing musician. His niche is fairly specialized and he is a true scholar of Ragtime music.  As a pianist, he has studied with some of the world’s finest teachers in the field of rag. In addition to local performing, Dick is a regular attendee and performer at Ragtime Festivals across the country. When not working at Spearit Sound or performing, Dick is encouraging the development of young musicians with his board work for the Northampton Community Music Center.

Jack Tozzi (jtozzi@spearitsound.com) Jack has been involved with the audio industry since 1979 in both sales and management. He started building electronics with a Heathkit vacuum-tube voltmeter in 1969 when he was 14.

Jack is a classically trained baritone who has studied at both Smith College and the University of Massachusetts.  In addition to a number of recordings, Jack is a current or past member of Novi Cantori, Arcadia Players, Pioneer Valley Cappella, the Greater Westfield Choral Association as well as having performed innumerable solos in New England.

In addition to his music training, Jack has studied the physics of sound and brings this technical understanding to putting together high performance audio system; he understands the physical difficulties that can arise and is able to work to correct them.  Additionally, Jack has 15 years experience recording local choruses and orchestras and has the experience of being on both sides of the microphone.

Jim Metz (jim@spearitsound.com) Jim has been involved in the audio industry for over 30 years.  Jim’s training is solidly founded in science and he holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts. This gives Jim and unusual understanding of the “whys” of the differences in audio/video playback systems. In addition to his work at Spearit Sound, Jim builds and repairs classic tube guitar and audio amplifiers as a hobby. Jim is deeply insightful concerning the synergistic relationship of the components and how they interact in a system.  Jim is also a pretty good guitar player.

Mark Short (mshort@spearitsound.com) has a long affiliation with Spearit Sound. He worked for Spearit Sound (then Sound & Music,) in the ‘90s and took a hiatus to pursue other interests.  Mark rejoined us about 7 years ago and has brought with him a rather remarkable set of database skills. He has put this to work by building a dedicated point of sale system with an integrated database.  Mark also has solid computer networking knowledge and, as a result, was an early adopter home music servers.  In addition to the excellent PC skills, something he shares with Eamonn and Jack, Mark knows the Apple products and operating systems inside and out.

Mark’s interest in audio is fed by eclectic tastes in music as well as a desire to make a musical event happen in his living room.  In addition to being at home with both LP and high resolution digital files, he is equally comfortable with the strengths of solid-state and valve electronics.  Mark is also an avid photographer. Not surprisingly, he shoots both film (medium format,) and digital. 

Eamonn Molloy (emolloy@spearitsound.com)  Eamonn brings extensive computer experience both as an hobbyist and an IT professional.  He has run his own business and brings this expertise to Spearit Sound. His understanding of computer operating systems and computer hardware makes him our resident expert in computer audio and the burgeoning field of high performance, high resolution digital audio playback.

Natalie Vlahovic Natalie is our accounting manager and supervises a subsidiary sales group for the company.  Natalie is also a commercially credited photographer and has a degree from Babson University.


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Spearit Sound
351 Pleasant Street
Northampton, MA 01060
United States
Ph: 413-584-9547
Fax: 413-585-5139
e-mail: jtozzi@spearitsound.com

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