What does refurbished mean?

There are lots of reasons that can label something "factory refurbished." Since consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything returned to them as "new", there are often great savings to be had. 

Here are a few examples of how something might become refurbished:

  • Since many stores have return policies, perfectly good items are returned that have absolutely nothing wrong with them.  These items are returned to the manufacturer, inspected, tested and repackaged like new.
  • Items where the box was damaged in shipment.  These are returned to the manufacturer for repackaging.
  • The item was returned to the manufacturer because of a defect. Trained, factory personnel corrected the defect and the item is repacked like new.
  • The item was returned because of a cosmetic blemish on the casing.  Major cosmetic issues are corrected although minor ones may remain.
  • Factory demonstration units are also considered factory refurbished. This might mean a sample shown at a show or a sample loaned for review. The units are inspected, tested and repackaged.
  • The box was simply opened. That's it!
  • Brand new overstocked items are also labeled factory refurbished.
  • It is impossible to know the history of each item, but for whatever reason the unit gets labeled factory refurbished, it is inspected, and if needed, serviced by the manufacturer to ensure it meets all the product specifications.  

All of our refurbished equipment is backed with a manufacturer's warranty assuring your satisfaction.

The advantages of buying refurbished.

Refurbished components can save you money!  You're buying the  same equipment, complete with its accessories and with a manufacturer's warranty.
Refurbished items can actually have a lower defect rate.  Refurbished components are individually tested and inspected by factory personnel to make sure they meet all specifications.  It's like getting 100% quality control.

Bottom line:  With quality manufacturers, buying refurbished is a great way to save some money and still have the manufacturer's support and a warranty.

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